We have an index of Monumental Inscriptions together with a Churchyard map locating them.

St Firmin’s Churchyard Headstones

Please could families of those buried in the churchyard, check the stability of their headstones, as some have had to be laid down, due to cracking or failure of cement or metal attachments. Families will need to take responsibility for resetting them, there are several local companies that can assist. Please con­tact the churchwardens or vicar to let us know the memorial for which you are taking responsibility and details of any work to be carried out. Churchyard regulations are available in the porch or on the Lincoln Diocesan WebPages.

Headstones laid down:

  • Hannah Groome
  • John Robert Jackson and Sarah Jackson
  • Lilian Watson
  • George Inkley, Susannah Inkley and their son George Inkley
  • John Lyon and Frances Elizabeth Lyon
  • Benjamin Cunnington and Elizabeth Ellen Cunnington
  • Norah Whitfield infant daughter of JH and MT Whitfield
  • Elizabeth Pratt and John William Pratt
  • Samuel Henry Cousins, Susan Cousins and Arthur Cousins
  • Joseph Fairchild, Fred Fairchild and Sarah Fairchild

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