1617- 1735

The Parish Registers of Thurlby record entries between the years 1617 and. 1735 relating to this branch of the Trollope family. There is an old tradition that the name is derived from “trois loups” through a wonderful contest between its founder and three wolves, when those animals abounded in England.   But it is more probable that the name of a place, or a natural feature, such as “Troll-hope” or dale of elves, was assumed by some settler there, and thus trans­mitted to his descendants.

The first member of the family appearing in any authentic record is John Trolop, of Morden near Bishop Auckland, in County Durham.  In 1392 he married Margaret Lumley,  and thus acquired the manor of Thornley.

The Trollopes of Thurlby were descended from a branch of the Trollopes of Thornley, and first settled at Thurlby and Bourne about 1560, at which time they were in prosperous circumstances. They can be listed as follows

  •  John Trollope, about whom nothing is known.
  • Matthew Trollope of Thurlby and Bourne, son and heir of John Trollope.   He died in 1581
  • William Trollope of Thurlby, Bourne and Casewick, son of Matthew Trollope.  He bought the manor, estate and mansion of Casewick from Sir James Evington.  By his will, 1636, he left £30 a year for the maintenance of ‘an honest, learned and Godly School­master’ to teach in a Schoolhouse he had built near the Abbey Church at Bourne, to be called The School of King Charles.  William Troll­ope ‘s Schoolhouse may be seen in Bourne Churchyard, on the south side of the Church.  But the School has been given the more prosaic name of Bourne Grammar School, of which he can be regarded as the founder, William Trollope also left £30. a year for the maintenance of six almsmen in an Almshouse which he directed to be built.  The Almshouses since sold, stand in South Street, to the south of Bourne Churchyard.  So he can be regarded as a co-founder of Bourne United CharitiesWilliam Trollope was Churchwarden of Thurlby in 1627, and 1628.  He joined with members of the Stoyte family of Thurlby in a tenancy of The Grange, 1613 to 163  He died in 1637.
  • Sir Thomas Trollope of Thurlby, Bourne and Casewick,created first Baronet in 1641, son and heir of William Trollope, born 1595, died 1654.  High Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1641.  He took the side of Parliament during the Civil War, and was severely fined for this in 1645, in common with many of the leading gentlemen of Lin­colnshire at that time
  • James Trollope of Thurlby, the third surviving son of William Trollope, born 1605, died 1649, buried at Thurlby.  He was Churchwarden of Thurlby in 1642.  With Dorothy Stoyte and Stephen Smith, he was a tenant of The Grange.
  • William Trollope, son and heir of James Trollope, born and baptized at Thurlby 1636, died and buried at Thurlby 1718.
  • James Trollope, merchant, second son of James Trollope, born and “baptized at Thurlby 1642, died and buried at Thurlby 1709. He is commemorated by a tablet on the south wall of the Sanctuary of St Firmin’s Church,Thurlby, which depicts his coat of arms  Vert, three stags tripping, argent, attired or, a crescent and mullet for difference: Crest – on a torce argent and vert a stag salient argent.  The inscription includes the names of Alice Minshull (1634 – l76l) his sister, and Jane and Margaret Minshull, his nieces.
  • Thomas Trollope of Thurlby and Bourne, son and heir of William Trollope, born and baptized at Thurlby 1671, died and buried at Thurlby 1736.  The inscription on the Treble Bell in Thurlby Church Tower bears his name as the donor of £10.  In 1719.  He gave an altar piece and a velvet covering for the altar table of Bourne Abbey Church.  His sons pro-deceased him, so his estate, passed to Mary his daughter (1701 – 1734} who married Thomas Pochin.  Their son George Pochin pulled down an old farmhouse, formerly part of the Abbey of Bourne, and in 1764 built himself a mansion.
  • From Records of Thurlby by Rev. W.G.Summers
  • Trollope


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  1. Phil Williams says:

    There is some confusion in the Trollope family records because there were two Margaret Lumleys.
    A Margaret Lumely married Thomas Trollope of Thornley in 1392. Margaret Lumley grand daughter of Edward the 4th married John Trollope of Thurlby in 1536. Edward 4th was born 1442.

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Phil
      Thank you for your information, the text originally came from a local book however it is obviously wrong so I have taken out that sentence.We have no information about John Trollope and I have been unable to find any after a search online. Have you that information if so can we add it to our page?

  2. Danny Trollope says:

    Hi my name is Danny Trollope.looking for information on the history of my father Thomas Trollope, and before him. He was born in Abertysswg Wales.

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