From: History, Gazetteer and directory of Lincolnshire by William White, Ltd Sheffield,

THURLBY is a large scattered village, on the west bank of that Roman canal called the Car Dyke and on the Market Deeping Road,2 miles S. of Bourne, and having a railway station on the Stanford, Bourne and Lynn branch of the Great Northern Railway, It is in the parts of Kesteven, Bourn Union, county court district, and petty sessional division, less Wapentake, and Ness rural deanery of Lincoln Archdeaconry.Its rateable value is £4748;and its parish had 782 inhabitants in 1891, living on 5078 acres of land, including a large portion of fen on the east side of Car Dyke, and the hamlets of Northorpe, half a mile NW, Obthorpe, 1 mile S.W. and Kate’s Bridge,1 mile S of the village. The Earl of Ancaster is lord of the manor, and he and E.R.C Cust,Esq., Eton College, Sir J.C. Lawrance, Mr R. Peasgood, and the Pope family are the chief owners of the soil, but there are several smaller proprietors.

The CHURCH (St Firmin), a fine old cruciform building, is a mixture of Norman and Early English architecture. It consists of a Norman Nave with aisles, north and South transepts, a chancel with chapels, in each of which is a hagioscope, north and south porches, and a western tower with five bells. In the chancel are a beautiful Early English piscina and sedilia and in the north chapel is a large piscina. The east window is of five lights, and filled with magnificent stained glass; and there is one in the north transept, representing the Ascension, In the south chapel a memorial window to the late Vicar, the Rev. C.P.Worsley, was inserted in 1864,and the three western windows are similarly enriched. A new organ was erected in 1890,at a cost of £250. The Vicarage valued in K.B. at £10-9s-4d.,and now at £385,is in the patronage of Eton College, who are impropriators of the rectory, and incumbency of the Rev, David William Veir,M,A, The vicarage house is a spacious building built about a century ago. The WESLEYAN CHAPEL was built in 1832,and the FREE METHODIST CHAPEL in 1861. The PROVIDENT SOCIETY was formed in 1835, and Mr J Bryan is the secretary. The building formerly used as a Baptist Chapel,was purchased by Mr T.A.Sneath in 1875,and is now used as a PUBLIC HALL for entertainments etc. The SCHOOL BOARD was formed in 1875, and a new school erected in 1878, from designs by Mr T G Shilock,of Bourne,at a cost of £1400, including Masters House, and will accommodate 142 children. Mr Alex Farr of Bourn is Clerk, The old Parochial School was closed on the opening of the Board school and is now used as a Sunday School. The RESERVOIR of the Peterborough Water Works is in this parish, and covers about two acres. Eight cottages and 7A.1R.37P of land in the parish, left by unknown donors for the purpose of keeping the causeways in repair, are at present let for £48 per annum. The poor have the interest of £100 left by Anne Fisher in 1769, distributed in bread. Thurlby Friendly Society was established in 1771 and has about 100 members. POST OFFICE at Mr Henry Messams. Letters arrive at 6.30am, and are dispatched at 5.30pm via Bourne which is the nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office. WALL LETTER BOX in Bourne Road for Northorpe; cleared at 5.35pm weekdays only..

Andrews, John & Joseph,vermin killers.Baldwin Samuel,farmer, Obthorpe, Barber Mr John Thomas, Wood Villa,Barrow Richard,farmer, Bettinson,Richard (&Son); hManor House. Bettinson Richard & Son,farmers & graziers,Manor House. Bettinson, Thomas Arthur (& Son) h Manor House, Settles Miss Ellen. Browning Mrs Ann and George William, farmers and graziers.

Bryan Henry,shopkeeper. Bryan,Joseph,carpenter,Northorpe,Bryan Thomas, farmer Worthorpe. Burn Mrs Sarah Joyce,Westfield House,Cappitt,John,farmer,Chambers, Joseph, farmer, Cosby, Mrs Elizabeth,Northorpe,Dainty,Albert,farmer,Obthorpe;h Easton. Ellis & Everard,Ltd.coal merchants(branch);T Tyler agent.Ellis Wilson,farmer.Fairchild,Joseph,vict.Blue Bell & wood Dealer,Field Mr John,lorthorpe.Franklin John,farmer Northorpe Fen.Garwood John,farmer.Garwood William Edis,farmer.Gray John Wade, timbrer merchat (Wade & Son);h Northorpe.Gray Thomas,farmer Northfield Lodge.Griffin William Beaver,black and shoeing smith,Goodacre Mr Robert. Goodacre William farmer Northorpe. Harrison Thomas Willara,Board School Master (Bourne) assistant overseer & parish clerk.Harvey Samuel,farmer Horthorpe.Hayes William farmer & grazier,Ivy Lodge.Head Saml,Threshing Machine owner,Hoiliday Edis & William,farmers Horthorpe.Hollis John vict.Five Bells.Homes Matthew, threshing machine owner. Holmes William, farmer,Inkley George,farmer,Judson Henry & Mrs Martha, Board Schollmaster & Mistress.luster William, Stationmaster.Knipe Caleb,farmer. Knipe Samuel(newcomb & K).Lyons Job,Grocer & Draper,Messam Henry,carpenter,wheelwright and postmaster. Needham John,cottager.Needham John, woodman, Northorpe. Newcob & Knipe,Threshing Machine owners. Newcomb William (Newcomb & Knipe),Noble John Elwis, Joiner & builder.Peasgood Robert,C.C. grocer, draper,bootfactor,baker, farmer & landowner. Pick William Earl,corn miller & baker.Pope Daniel,farmer Si grazier,wool buyer & breeder of shire horses,the Priory. Pope Thomas, farmer & grzier,Thurlby Grange. Ringham Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker,Northorpe.Ringham Mrs Harriet,shopkeeper, Northorpe.Ringham Matthew henry,cootager, Horthorpe, Seth James,florist & gardener,Northorpe.Shotcliffe Mrs Eleanor,vict Crown Inn & farmer. Smith Frederick, frmr Northorpe,Smith Isaiah,carpenter & joiner.Sneath Henry, farmer, sneath Thomas Archer,corn merchant, Providence House.Stevenson Henry farmer & beerhouse. Stevenson Thomas ,farmer,Stevenson William, butcher. Tyer Thomas ,bootmaker. Tyer Thomas,coal agent,Wade & son Timber merchants & farmers.Wade Isaac .farmer Northorpe.Wade John (W Son). Wade John George (W & Son).Wade Joseph, bootmaker. Wade William, wood dealer.Weir Revd David William. M.A. vicar,The Vicarage.Whitfield John Henry, farmer & grazier, Katesbridge,

Railway-G. N, Station; W Juster,stationmaster.



a large scattered village,on the west bank of that Roman canal called the Car-dyke, & on the Market Deeping road,2 miles S of Bourne,has in its parish 699 inhabitants, and about 5,200 acres of land including a large portion of the fen on the east side of the Car Dyke and the hamlets of Obthorpe, l mile SW and Northorpe, half a mile NW of the village. Sir Gilbert Heathcote is Lord of the manor, but a great part of the soil belongs to Earl Brownlow and the Hibbert, Nicholls and other families. Races are held here on the nearest Monday to old Michaelmas day. The church (St Firman) is an ancient cruciform structure, exhibiting fine specimens of Norman and gothic Architecture. lt contains some old oak screen-work and a circular Norman font. The vicarage, valued in K>B> at £10.9s.4d, and now at £252, is in the incumbency

of the Revd Charles Pennyman Worsley, MA. The patronage with the impropriate rectory, belongs to Eton College. A good organ, built by Mr John Jackson who resides in the village, was purchased for £70 (raised by subscription) and erected in the church in 1839. The Wesleyan Chapel here was built in 1832. There are certain lands in the Parish, left by unknown donors, for keeping the Causeways in repair. The poor have the interest of £100 left by Ann Fisher 1769.

Marked* are at Northorpe; + at Obthorpe, and the rest at Thurlby.

Arms Wm,Brickmaker. Bannister – .Corn Miller. Barber Michael,Gentleman. Brown Ambrose,Bricklayer.  Day Robert & william, Tailors. Goodacre John,Viet. Horseshoes. Holderness Sarah, machine maker.  Holmes John Machine owner.Jackson James ,Organ bldr & carptr.Knipe Eldred,vict.  Five bells.Sandall Joseph, machine owner. Sandall WM Vict Bell. Worsley  Rev Chas Pennyman HA Vicarage. Smith  Edis, Vict Crown.

BEE HOUSES.Browning Geo.*Goose Levi.*Knipe Francis.

Blacksmiths:Jackson Vm. Knipe Eldred.Roberts w m .

Boots & Shoe makers: Adcock Vm.Benson James.Maxon edward. Smith V M.

Butchers: Barrow James. Browning Robert.Campain Samuel.Pope Thomas.

Farmers: *Austin John. *Bannisyer John. Bettinson John,Manor House.+Brown Thomas.Browing Geo..Rectory house. *Bryan Henry.Hill George. Inkley Geoge.Larratt Daniel.*Peasgood V M .Pope Thomas. Sharp John Topham, Grange. Smith Mrs. Smith Edis.Tipping Matthw,White House. Shopkeepers:Boyer John.*Knipe W M.Lee Watson.Smith V M.

Wheelrights: Holmes Matthew.Land W M. Lambly Thos.

Carriers,to Stamford & Spalding:Francis Levi, Tyler W M.

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