3rd December 2020

Held remotely by video conferencing

CHAIRPERSON:-  Mr. Richard Bill  –  01778 423143

CLERK:-         Mr. Bernard Champness  –  01778 393431

Present: R Bill, N Bradley, H Edwards, P Haley,

L Lowe, E Lunn, M Owen, M Reece, A Thomas, D White

Others: County Cllr Robert Reid, Dist. Cllr Barry Dobson and Stephen Holland

The Clerk announced that Patricia Barnett had resigned as a Councillor as she was moving from the area.

  • County Cllr. Robert Reid was asked to consider what could be done to improve the safety of crossing the road from Northorpe to the footpath into Beck Way on what is considered to be a hazardous bend. He will investigate options available.
  • He re-iterated that the ongoing roadworks on the Manthorpe Road should be completed by the 9th December and traffic lights should be removed.
  • Cllr White raised the matter of a potential 30mph speed limit for the A15 through Thurlby in light of the recent planning application approval for 71 dwellings at Morton with the potential increase in traffic, and that a 30mph speed restriction with controlled crossing had been requested. The same speed limit would help achieve a controlled crossing for Thurlby. CC Reid said he would work with Dist. Cllr Barry Dobson and others to explore this further.
  • Dist. Cllr Barry Dobson announced that the YHA wished to cancel the lease on the building on the High Street and that a discussion within LCC was to take place to decide what to do with the building.
  • The condition of paths/kerbs around the village has been raised by a number of residents. Parish Cllrs would conduct a survey (with photos and locations) of areas in need of remedial work. This evidence is to be sent to the Clerk for collation and referral to CC Reid to forward to LCC Highways. It was hoped a LCC representative would be able to walk around the village to assess the problems.
  • Paul Haley had applied to become a Parish Councillor and, after a brief introduction and discussion it was agreed by Council that he be adopted.
  • Stephen Holland was available to discuss the SKDC Local Plan and the PC’s view regarding planning. The Clerk was asked to respond to SKDC on behalf of the Council.
  • The Council’s auditor has retired and a replacement is being sought. See elsewhere for application details.

Other items continued:

  • The PC have received the following report from Aquilla Peasgood – ‘During the last 60 years, since World Refugee Year (1960), the people in our Parish through Christian Aid have generously raised a Grand total of £43,699.21 to help the millions of refugees and those in very great need. On behalf of the vast numbers we have tried to help, we thank all of you so much’.
  • As a result of Cllr Patricia Barnett resigning from the PC the PC has made the representative Trustee of The Causeway Charity Cllr. Lisa Lowe.
  • Following a resident’s complaint regarding the condition of land, hedgerows and trees around the Lidl site the Clerk was asked to contact the manager to address this. Also, to approach the Texaco garage regarding the siting of the Greggs banners on the grass verge outside the periphery of the garage, both item.
  • The prize money from coming third in the SKDC Best Kept Village competition has been received and a date is to be arranged for the presentation to be made by Dist. Cllr Barry Dobson to PC Chair Richard Bill. Cllr White is to forward proposals to the Clerk on how some of the funds could be utilised towards more and upgraded flower tubs.
  • The PC continue to press for the upgrade of the footpath from the High Street crossroads to Northorpe crossroads to a combined footpath/cycleway.
  • The PC have asked the Clerk to contact the Trust that now own both ex-BT phone boxes in the village to request their proposals for maintaining both boxes, particularly the one in Northorpe which is subsiding. He is also to ask what the cost would be to purchase one if the Council was to consider a further use.


The Council discussed this in detail and were able to maintain the Precept at the 2019/20 level. The consequence of this is that there should be no increase in the coming year’s Council Tax as a result of Your Parish Council’s expenditure.

Full minutes of the meeting and the next meeting’s agenda are available on the Parish Council website: Click on Calendar at the bottom of the page to select the month required.

The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 3rd February at 7.30pm, or on a date to be agreed. Residents should contact the Clerk if they wish to join the meeting.

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