Most residents are more than aware of the recent heavy rains and consequent flooding issues around the Parish, particularly on 23rd December. Emergency services, Councillors and residents responded to limit any damage to property and persons as much as possible and thanks should go to all those involved. The Sugar Mill, which lies within our Parish, was probably the worst affected.

The results of this event and previous ones are well documented and have been reported by the Parish Council to our County Councillor Robert Reid who has instigated drain/gulley clearing and camera inspections in the past. Investigation works are ongoing at the Post Office and he is pursuing action on the various issues around the village. This involves not only LCC Highways but also Anglian Water and Welland Drainage Board.

It is expected that CC Robert Reid will be in a position to give an update at the next PC meeting on Wednesday 3th February with a report in the next Village Link.


At the December Parish Council meeting (see separate report) it was agreed to collate photographic evidence of the of the poor state of pavements around the village. This has now been done almost entirely by one very committed resident and the dozens of images have now been forwarded to CC Robert Reid to pass to LCC Highways for comment/action.

At the same time a partial record of some bad road surfaces were also recorded and forwarded.

With all the rain, snow and sharp frosts of late this damage can only get worse. If you are aware of any surface in need of repair, or blocked drain etc., this can be reported on www.fixmystreet.com and LCC must take note and record action.   

Other useful contact details can be found on Dist. Coun. Barry Dobson’s page in this issue.