WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE .  Here you will find information on its history and its people.

Detailed Victorian Map showing Thurlby 

A query to the readers

Has anyone any information on ‘the cottage’ on the high street opposite the Methodist church? A head master of Thurlby school used to live there but wondered if anyone knows its origins or past owners.

There are now 794 Thurlby and Northorpe photos uploaded to Flickr

The link is https://www.flickr.com/photos/marytrumble/

I have done this as if I had uploaded to this website they do not show information needed to identify them, and to fill in for each photo would take me weeks!!!

If you hover over the photo it will give you a reference number this relates to the file Thurlby photos _ indexed by board number and Thurlby photos _indexed by surname.

The photos are those held on physical boards and computer files the majority are photos collected and donated by Mr Lou Sommerfield and also photos collected by myself, kindly donated to the collection.

I have an album of photos collected by Lou Sommerfield of all Lincolnshire Churches if you are looking for a particular church I can send a copy by email – please use contact form.

If you have any problems please get in touch. – ENJOY


It is now confirmed this is the Brutnell family wedding.The bride is Mary Jane Sandall and she is the lady sitting in the front row. The bridegroom is the gentleman sitting to her left, with the moustache, John Richard Brutnell. The lady standing between the bride and groom is Florence Gorgina Brutnell, sister to the groom. The gentleman in front of the window in the bowler hat, is father of the groom Charles Brutnell and to his right is mother to the groom Joanna Brutnell. Thank you to David Stevenson for this information. The wedding took place in 1899.

Another wonderful photo of the Brutnell Wedding kindly given by Fred Sandall.

The bride Mary Jane Sandall and she is the lady fourth from the right. The bridegroom is the gentleman to her left with the moustache-John Richard Brutnell. Eighth from the left, in the bowler hat, is father of the groom Charles Brutnell and fourth from the left in the wonderful white hat is Florence Gorgina Brutnell, sister to the groom. Mother to the groom Joanna Brutnell is hidden from view next to Charles Brutnell in the back row.


Back row: Sisters Annie and Ethel Cousins, Lizzie Clarke (teacher) May Fairchild, Mrs Davies (headmistress) Mrs Brown, Mrs Cousins.

Middle Row: Mrs Bullimore, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Wade

Front Row: Hilda Sharman, sisters ? and Mabel Cousins, Doreen Davis


The Pick Family – Corn Miller and Baker (Whites Directory 1892)

There was said to be a mill at the crossroads of Northorpe and Bourne Road.

Has anyone got a photo of it?

16 Responses to HOME

  1. janet hopewelll says:

    Just spent the day at the church looking at the photos and WW1 stories. A big thank you to all who organised it and the Lincs family history society and church for providing records and information. Lovely tea and sandwiches at the Hall as well, brilliant.

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Janet
      Thank you its lovely to hear from you,so pleased you enjoyed it – we had a great weekend with lots of lovely comments. All the information for the exhibition was from our research group in the village. Janet our Vicar wanted to research the WW1 Memorial and so she formed a group to do so, we have all been working since April to find out about the “men behind the names” – this is ongoing. The lovely old registers dating back to 1560 were recalled by St Firmin’s Church, from Lincolnshire Archives, just for the weekend.

  2. tracy coulson says:

    i am really sorry to hear about st firmins church, i spent many happy years ther and in the hall with my grandparents . i was wondering if you had map/chart of the grave yard that i could have a copy of as many of my family are buried there and would like to archive in detail excactly where they are buried and how they are linked. by the way you website is really interesting .i may be able to ask my dad for some local stories about the area as he was brought up in thurlby and lived on church street.
    regards tracy

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Tracy I am pleased you enjoy the site. Any stories you can provide would be great, if your father is happy about it I can put them on the website it may remind others of life in the village.
      I will send you some churchyard information by email.

    • Gill Kirk says:

      Spotted your post on the Thurlby village website Tracy. I am just starting to look at my family tree, and your surname caught my eye as my maternal gran was born in Thurlby in April 1906, her name was Ena Violet Coulson. I believe she had a number of siblings. I wondered if the name means anything to you?
      Kind regards
      Gill Kirk

  3. Meg Bond says:

    Hello, and what a wonderful website this is – congratulations from an avid ancestry researcher who wishes more towns had sites like this one! I am in Australia and currently researching the GRAVES family that lived in Thurlby between 1824 -1844 (that I know for sure, it may be longer). Job and Mary Graves had 10 children there between those years. Job Graves is listed as a farmer on census records, and I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of farm he may have had there. Or any information you can give me on this very large family of Thurlby would be much appreciated. I believe Job died quite young (in his 40’s) and wonder if there’s any record of how he died, (beside my presumption that his very tired wife may have knocked him over the head with a frying pan after the 10th child!), The photo on your website may very well be their family!
    Kind regards,
    Meg Bond

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Meg, thanks for your kind remarks. I will come back to you as soon as I get a chance to have a look for you.Regards Mary.

      • MaryT says:

        Hi Meg, I have had a look at all of our transcripts and I can find no record of any family named GRAVES. I wonder if the Thurlby you are looking for is the Thurlby near Lincoln- there are three in Lincolnshire! We are usually named in the archives as Thurlby by Bourne. Let me know what information you have which makes you think it is Thurlby by Bourne. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.Regards Mary

  4. Hey! I’m trying to find out some information. My name is Chantal Thurlby. My grandfather came from the UK. That’s all. What is the reason for the town being named Thurlby?

  5. MaryT says:

    Hi Chantal
    We have the following fairly recent records of the family Thurlby we also have some that are dated between 1594-1786 but you would need a lot of information to try and connect them. Perhaps the you may know of the following names in your family which may give you somewhere to start.
    As regards the name Thurlby click on the tab above for more information on the origins of the name of the village of Thurlby .

    Baptism- Top Chapel
    1944 Caroline Elsie to Ivan and Winifred Maud Thurlby
    1946 Harold Robin to Ivan and Winifred Maud Thurlby
    Marriages at St Firmins Church
    20 Dec 1952 Abbott Edward Brittain to to Alice Joan Elizabeth Thurlby (father George Thurlby)
    15 Sept 1956 George Thurlby (father George Thurlby) to Kathleen Mary Tilley
    Burial at St Firmins Church
    20 Mar 1965 Sarah Thurlby (94 years )

  6. Andy Clark says:

    I’m writing a history of Deeping St Nicholas (an amateur effort I hasten to add!) and quoted in my draft Rev. Summers passage about fen drainage and the adventurers, from this website.. Please can I just confirm if this is OK. I don’t want to get into bother over copyright etc. If appropriate, please accept this message as a request for permission to use Rev. Summers’ passage. I should add, all quotes and illusrations in my book carry an acknowledgement of the source.

  7. Andrew says:

    Please could you get in touch by email re photos

    • MaryT says:

      How can I help?

      • Andy Clark says:

        I am a little puzzled: so far I have received no reply to my message of 17 June 2018, (which I hoped would be seen by a member of St Firmin’s church or PCC) and have assumed no news is good news. My book is just about finished and is presently undergoing a proof-read. However, I am not the Andrew of the 24 August 2020 message. The Andrew messages of both dates appeared in my inbox this afternoon.
        Kind regards, Andy Clark.

  8. Ewan Cappitt says:

    Your photo 22-14 just seems to indicate Thurlby Station, but without names. If you would like names I can give you a number as I was on that penultimate train journey from Bourne to Stamford when they closed that section of line.

  9. Wadehunter says:

    Hello my family surname was wade anymore details about them my great great grandfarther was albert wade

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