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  1. Mary Trumble says:

    From Ann Coulter
    My Gr Grandfather Thomas Austin was born in Thurlby and the Austin family appear on the 1852 UK Census as living in the Hamlet of Northorpe, Thurlby Parish, Lincolnshire. His father was John Austin and his mother Catherine Ellis. Do you have any suggestions for further research of the family? Thomas immigrated to Mortean Bay Australia in approx 1863 where he lived until he died in1912.

  2. Mary Trumble says:

    Mary Trumble says:
    July 8, 2011 at 3:52 pm
    St Firmins Church Thurlby – transcripts

    No Marriage found for William and Elizabeth Arnold


    Oct 9 1760 Elizabeth to William & Elizabeth
    27 June 1762 Mary (Arnold) to William & Elizabeth Arnold

    7 April 1785 Stephen Ellis to Mary Arnold

    Baptisms – children of Stephen & Mary Ellis

    Dec 30 1786 Mary
    Jan 9 1788 Elizabeth
    Feb 24 1791 Alice
    Sept 3 1793 John
    Feb 25 1795 Sarah
    Jan 15 1797 Ann
    Oct 20 1799 Susanna
    Aug 6 1802 Catherine (Ellis)
    Oct 2 1804 William


    Stephen Ellis Blacksmith Jan 19 1811
    Mary Ellis of Thulby June 9 1841

    17 Aug 1824 John Austin – Catherine Ellis

    Children to John and Catherine Austin

    29 Aug 1825 John
    24 Dec 1826 Watson
    29 March 1828 Ann
    7 March 1830 Alice
    9 Oct 1831 Henry Buried 26 Oct 1831
    27 Dec 1832 Henry Buried 14 Jan 1840 Age 7
    4 May 1834 Elizabeth
    9 Jan 1836 William
    8 Oct 1839 Thomas (2 years old)
    8 Oct 1839 George
    13 June 1841 Barnet

  3. Mary Trumble says:

    Hi there.
    I am trying to find out about any children born to Robert Smith who was married at Thurlby on 31.10.1809 to Joyce Shepherd. I know he was baptised at Tinwell in Rutland in 1789 but after his wedding I have no information until the census of 1841/51/61 when he is living at Gosberton.
    There are two sons named in 1841, John – 7 and Robert – 9. Also living with them is Mary Smith aged 49.
    I would love to know if there are any records concerning Robert and his wife and family between 1809 and 1841.I wonder could you help.
    Many thanks,
    David Smith.

    • Mary Trumble says:

      Mary Trumble says:
      August 4, 2011 at 2:54 pm (Edit)
      October 31st 1808 Roberts Smith Widow and Joyce Shepherd

      July 3rd 1808 Rebecca (45) first wife????

      Children of Robert and Rebecca

      Jan 5th 1792 William
      Oct 21st 1793 Edward
      March 2nd 1801 Rebecca
      April 25th 1803 Mary

  4. Judith Watson says:

    Hi. We are researching an elusive family ancestor called John (Cherry) Watson. He later moved to Cockermouth as an assistant surgeon but we think we have found him in the 1851 census. His father was Joseph Watson and his mother Ann Elizabeth, who may have been married twice.Joseph is down as being born in Thurlby and is a miller. There are two possible Watsons on the list of those living there. One is John Watson aged 8 and the other is John Cherry also aged 8! One was born in Navenby and the other in Scotter.They had several brothers. We would love to hear from anyone who could help. We live in Rotherham and my husband is the the only survivor of this line. We have tried to locate the marriage certificate of John Cherry born about 1843/45 but the local office at Cockermouth cannot find it so we dont know who John Cherry thinks his father is!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards Judith

    • marytrumble says:

      Hi Judith
      Unfortunately I think you have the wrong Thurlby you want the Thurlby by Lincoln ( we are Thurlby by Bourne) Navenby and Scotter are in that area, however I will just check the registers at St Firmin’s in case. Good luck

    • Ruth Hinton says:

      If you still need information let me know
      Joseph Watson Married Ann Elizabeth Cherry they were my ggg grand parents

      • Judith Watson says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. I wondered if you can go back any further than Ann Elizabeth Cherry and Joseph Watson. We seem to have drawn a blank where actual evidence exists.
        Thank you very much for your time.
        Judith Watson

    • Sally Towell says:

      Hi Judith – your 2011 message is now very old so I’m not even sure you’ll get this, but I have a feeling I might be able to help. My Great Great Great Grandmother (maiden name Ann Musson, married John Coy in 1819, who died in 1828) married her second husband, Joseph Watson in 1830 – he was 29 years old. They were married in Billinghay Lincolnshire, not too far from Thurlby. I’ll wait to hear if you think this might be a match. Cheers, Sally

  5. Judith Watson says:

    So sorry! Thank you for looking. You have a wonderful resource here. Good luck with all research in the future.

  6. marytrumble says:

    Hi Judith
    I did just check in the transcripts but sorry no luck.

  7. Sue Wakefield says:

    Hello. I am trying to piece together the Bullimore family. Richard Bullymore ? married Theodosia Watkins of Thurlby in 1803. I believe Richard married again in Osbournby in 1807 but to confirm that I need to find a burial for Theodosia. I am also trying to confirm relationship between Richard and Michelson Bullimore who lived in Northorpe. Any help appreciated
    many thanks

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Sue
      Have checked the transcripts and found the following – the spellings change about a bit!
      I didn’t think to check Theodocia Watkins to see if there was a baptism are you looking for this?

      21 feb 1803 of Bullymore – Richard of GRANTHAM (Lic) to Theodocia Watkin

      28 Feb 1804 Richard son of Richard and Theodosia

      16 March 1804 Theodocia aged 29 (presumably in childbirth)

      The first information regarding of MIcheson is a baptism 2 months after the death of Theodocia- perhaps a brother and wife come to stay with a widow with a newborn baby?
      The details are
      Baptisms – children of Michelson and Elizabeth
      May 11 1804 Thomas
      Oct 23 1805 Elizabeth
      May 24 1807 Mitchinson
      July 29 1810 John

      June 10 1811 Burial of Elizabeth Bullimore aged 30

      1812 Bullymore Michelson – widow (Lic) to Catherine Todd of Bourn

  8. stfirmin says:

    I have the baptism for Theodosia Watkins daughter of Thomas and Mary October 14 1776

  9. Susan Wakefield says:

    Another big thank you !

  10. Jane Jones says:

    Hello. I am hoping you can help me. We have an ancestor, Theophilus Dennis, born 1762 (not known where) who was a farmer in Hacconby. He married Ann Sandall in 1789 in Dunsby and they had 7 children, including another Theophilus. All were baptised around Hacconby and Donington.
    Ann died in 1804 and was buried in Hacconby.
    Theophilus then seems to have married again because in March 1818 there is another entry in Hacconby burial register for Ann, wife of Theophilus Dennis, aged 39. In 1807 there is an entry of a baptism of Thurlby Cook Hubbard Dennis, who died also in 1807. The parents are Theophilus and Ann. But I can’t find a marriage anywhere for Theophilus and Ann.
    He married for a third time to Ruth Hubbard in Sempringham in 1819. They had a further four children. Theophilus died in 1826. In his will, he leaves everything to his wife, Ruth, and names his four children. There is no mention of any of the children of his first marraige. However, he nominates Thomas Cook Hubbard of Lound as a Trustee to his children’s estate. Ruth died in Bourne in 1865.
    I think I have traced Ruth back to Laughton, the daughter of William Hubbard and Ruth Cook and she has a brother called Thomas Cook Hubbard who, I believe, may be the one who lived in Thurlby. Do you know if he had previously lived in Lound?
    My real confusion, however, is over the second marriage to the unknown Ann. There must have been some connection with the Cooks and Hubbards at that time for Theophilus and Ann to call their son Cook Hubbard, and I thought maybe there was a connection with Thurlby but I can’t find any marriage record for them.
    It is a long shot – but if there is a history of the Cooks or Hubbards in Thurlby, it might throw some light on who this Ann was and where (if) they married.
    Anything you can offer would be very helpful!
    Many thanks

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Jane
      The only entries for Dennis I have found are
      Nov 12 1748 William to William and Mary
      April 2 1750 Mary to William and Mary

      Marriage of
      May 31 1702 Jos Andrew to Mary Dennis
      Nov 6 1748 William Dennis of Haconby to Han? Little of James Deeping
      (I presume this to be Deeping St James)

      There were Hubbards around the village between 1648 and 1820 but I can see no connection nor can I for the Cooks, they were in the village from 1659 and it is still a name in the village today.

      We have no marriage transcripts for 1838 to 1984 you will need to access these at Lincoln Records Office


  11. Jane Jones says:

    Thank you for looking into it for me, Mary. I am sure my answer will turn up one day when I am least expecting it.
    By the way, I love this web site. I wish more villages woud follow your lead.

  12. Janet Hopewell says:

    hi also love this site. my family were the Darby/King family ag-labs.lived in thurlby 1860 to 1920s.Are there any old school records or photos,I have a prayer book dated 1887 as a third prizeat sunday school, from the vicar of the time can,t decipher nameto my g mother Ethel.

  13. stfirmin says:

    Thank you Janet I am pleased you are enjoying the website. I have checked the large photo collection we have but unfortunately there are none with the name Darby or King. I have put up on the site the only Sunday School Register that I have details of. Sorry can’t be of more help.

  14. Janet Thurston says:

    Hi, I am doing some family history research for a friend whose family name is Browning. I have traced her line back to George Browning who was a farmer in Thurlby, born about 1764; his wife was called Mary and the first of their many children seems to have been born in 1790 but I can find no trace of the marriage of George and Mary and therefore do not know Mary’s surname. Is there a record of their marriage in the transcripts?

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Janet
      George Browning married Mary Fairchild on 16th March 1790, her baptism was 19th October 1766. The Fairchild family go back in our records to the 1600’s.
      Mary’s parents were John Fairchild (bap 14th Feb 1741) and Mary Longfoot they were married 9th June 1761.
      John Fairchild’s parents were Thomas Fairchild (bap 6th Aug 1710) and Mary Middleton they were married 24 April 1737.
      Thomas Fairchild’s parents were John FAYRECHILD (bap 9th April 1671) and Susan Naylor they were married 7th April 1695.
      John Fayrechild’s parents were John Fayrechild and Margaret Hames,married 6th July 1665.
      Hope this helps – let me know what other information you would like me to look for, I am afraid it might not be very quickly as my time for reseach is short at the moment.

      • Janet Thurston says:

        Hi Mary,

        That is brilliant! Thank you so much. I am seeing my friend tomorrow so shall be able to pass all this exciting information on to her. Shall also tell her to look at your great website.

        Kind regards,

    • Julie Tasker says:

      My 5th Great Grandparents were John Fairchild and Mary Longfoot. I would love to connect with others researching connected families. This is a wonderful site, thank you.

  15. Millie Eastlund says:

    I would like information regarding Thomas Cook Hubbard. I have his death 13 Dec 1866 in Thurlby, Lincolnshire at age 79. He had been married to Mary Grundy no known date and also Hepzibah Abraham in 1850

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Millie

      I have found the burial of Thomas Cook Hubbard of Thurlby Grange in 1866, aged 79 in our transcripts also the death of Mary Hubbard of Thurlby Grange,in 1849, aged 61, also
      John Hubbard baptised May 21st 1818 to Thomas and Mary – Shepherd
      William Hubbard baptised 8th May 1820 to Thomas and Mary – Farmer
      Thomas Cook Hubbard was a tenant of the Grange 1848-1868, he is said to have been of Witham on the Hill, a farmer and grazier. In 1868 the tenant was William Hubbard, presumably the son.
      In 1860 Thomas Cook Hubbard of Thurlby Grange gave the coloured glass which now fills the Great East Window, in memory of his ancestors and of Sarah, his first wife, and Mary, his second wife. If you go to you will see a picture of it behind the altar.
      I can find no other record of Mary (Grundy) or of Hepzibah Abraham, possibly these could be at Witham on the Hill Church.
      Please note we have a gap in records 1937-1985 for marriages, these can be seen at the Lincoln Archives.
      Do look back on questions to January 12 when Jane Jones has mention of Cook Hubbard – some connection?

  16. Millie Eastlund says:

    I thank you so very much for doing this.
    Thomas Cook Hubbard had a grandson living with him on the 1850 census..
    .Thomas Joseph Grundy Hubbard. His birth was 20 Dec 1843. at Witham on the Hill.
    His mother was Susannah.
    I do not know if his father died prior to 1850 or if he had been a bastard.
    He immigrated to America (Michigan) and became the town butcher and involved in politics.
    He went by the name of Joe and married a cousin, Susannah Hubbard who died of TB.
    Joe remarried a lady from Ireland in Michigan He was my great grandfather.

    Jane Jones had written back in January 2012 about a wife Ruth Hubbard and nominating Thomas Cook Hubbard of Lound as a trustee…. Thomas Cook Hubbard and Ruth Hubbard were siblings. The eldest sibling was William Jr. b. 1785 and the youngest sibling was John b. 1791.
    Their parents were William and Ruth Hubbard. I have no birth dates or locations for them
    There must be some family connections.

    • stfirmin says:

      Thank you Millie, every little bit of information is useful – someone will pick it up and run with it. We recently had visitors to the church who I seem to remember were descendants of Thomas Cook Hubbard -they had come to see the window – I must take notes from people who visit, you never know when the information will be useful.

  17. peter wade says:

    Hi, I am gathering info into the Wade family tree from Thurlby, I have visited St.Firmin and taken photo’s of as many Wade graves as possible but would love to find any photos, information or stories relating to them, good or bad !
    My relatives are:

    Doris Maud Wade ( grand aunt) Birth Oct 1895 in Harringworth, Northamptonshire, England
    Death 27 July 1907 in Bourne RD.

    George Wade DCM (Royal Field Artillery) my grand uncle
    Birth 1898 in Thurlby, Lincolnshire, England
    Death 14 september 1921 I think he may have died due to injuries sustained during the war- gas ?

    Gladys Ellen Wade my grand aunt,Lived on Church street (number 6 ?) next to the Lyons shop
    Birth 24 Aug 1903 in Thurlby, Lincolnshire, England
    Death 06/11/1979 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England .I was born in 1971 and do remember her just !!

    The above were children of:

    James Wade my great grandfather lived at ‘The Green’ and worked in a timber yard.
    Birth abt 1866 in Thurlby, Lincolnshire, England
    Death 25 August 1945
    and his wife,
    Louisa May Cook my great grandmother
    Birth October 1871 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
    Death 25 June 1956 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England

    James’s parents were:
    William Wade my 2nd great grandfather living at The Green and working as a carpenter.
    Birth Oct 1835 in Thurlby, Lincolnshire, England
    Death 15 march ? 1910
    and his wife,
    Sarah Ann Lunn my 2nd great grandmother
    Birth Jan 1840 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
    Death 16 may 1908

    I could go on but you get the drift….

    My e mail is

    Just replace the at with a ‘@’ symbol if anyone wants to get in touch.
    Great website must have taken a lot of work.
    Regards Pete Wade

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Pete, will come back to you on this in a few days when I have had a chance to investigate.

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Pete
      Have had a look through the collection – we have a lot of Wades however I can’t find anyone from your list. We are hoping to have the photo collection on show in September (more details will be posted by the end of February) so if you are local do come and have a look yourself you might well find lots of interest.

      • peter wade says:

        Just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend me and my Mum had looking through the records photographs and displays. We really appreciated the effort that had obviously gone into the displays,loved seeing the records and enjoyed the tea and cake ! and all in church that is so well cared for. Please pass on my thanks to all involved.

      • stfirmin says:

        Thank you Peter, it was lovely to meet you and you mum and I am pleased you enjoyed our weekend. Hope the reserach is going well.

  18. stfirmin says:

    A reply to information by email contact
    Rollinson Family


    8th Nov 1835 Mary Jane Samuel and Mary Woodman
    4th June 1837 Harriett Samuel and Mary Woodman
    25 Nov 1838 Ann Samuel and Mary Jane Woodman
    19 Jan 1840 Samuel Samuel and Mary Woodman
    2 May 1841 David Samuel and Mary Woodman
    17 March 1844 David Samuel and Mary Woodman
    6 July 1845 John Samuel and Mary Cottager

    1821 Thomas White of Elton to Sarah Rollinson

    7 Sept 1833 Samuel Rollinson of Obthorpe aged 64
    1844 Rebecca Rollinson aged 68
    1845 James of Obthorpe aged 2
    John of Obthorpe Infant

  19. Robert Sharman says:

    Hello Earlier today I visited the tranquillity that was Thurlby St Firmin’s churchyard and burial ground in the hope of finding the grave of my 3 x great aunt Sarah Sharman (nee Creasey) who was living in Northorpe in 1911 (census) and whose death was registered in Bourne District q4 1946. I thought I had struck lucky when I found the grave for Sarah Sharman Atyo who died in February 1946. On returning home and further research it appears that she was unrelated and it is coincidental that 2 Sarah Sharman’s died in 1946 so close to one another. My Sarah may have been buried at Northorpe or in other neighbouring parishes but I would be very grateful if you could check 1946 burial records for St Firmins or if you have news of any other Sharman’s in the locality. Congratulations must go to the Thurlby webmaster team and also churchyard volunteers for such good work. Many thanks Robert Sharman

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Robert
      So pleased you enjoyed our lovely churchyard, and also the our website. I have looked up Sarah Sharman and I will send you, by email, a photo of the stone, this also includes her husband Thomas and beneath it Charles Percy. If you visit at another time you are welcome to contact me and I will arrange to meet you and show you where the grave is.

    • Robin Sharman says:

      Sarah Sharman Ayto links into my own family tree and might possibly do so to yours – however indirectly. I hope that the following explains how.

      Charles Sharman was my great-great-great-grandfather, and he was born on 1st November 1795. He married Jane Bond at Swinstead on 1st June 1818. Jane, daughter of William and Sarah Bond, had been baptised at North Witham on 1st February 1791. In the Swinstead marriage register she was described as being “of this parish”, so presumably she had moved to Swinstead at some time. I am descended from their first child (of eight), and their sixth child was:

      Sarah Sharman, born on 12th May 1830, was baptised at Swinstead on 4th July 1830. On 29th January 1852 she married farmer Thomas Gillson at Swinstead. Thomas was five years older than Sarah, having been born in 1825. He gave his place of birth as Tipperary in Ireland. Their third child (of four) was:

      Jane Judith Gillson (born in the spring of 1856 at Grimsthorpe) was baptised at Edenham on 8th June 1856. She married Robert William Carr in the spring of 1878. Their first child (of twelve) was:

      Sarah Sharman Carr was born early in 1879, and baptised at Witham on the Hill on 16th March. On 29th October 1900 Sarah married Arthur George Ayto at Witham on the Hill. Arthur was an insurance agent, who had been born at Sedgebrook in the autumn of 1871 and was baptised there on 3rd December. At the time of their marriage Arthur lived at 22 North Street in Grantham. Within a year the couple went to live at Little Gonerby on the edge of Grantham. Sarah and Arthur brought their daughter Doris back to Witham on the Hill for her baptism on 28th October 1901. Doris was born in Grantham district, and a second daughter, Jessie was born in the autumn of 1902 in Newark district. The family seems to have grown no more, but by the time of the 1911 census they had moved again – this time to Stamford. In that census Arthur was listed as a marine stores manager. Both daughters got married in the Stamford registration district early in 1919 – Doris to Russell S Ackerman, and Jessie to George Stanley Coats. Sarah Sharman Ayto (née Carr) died at Thurlby near Bourne on 10th February 1946 aged 67 years. We have yet to find the death of Sarah’s husband Arthur.

      Anyone interested in Sharman family history is welcome to get in touch. You might well be able to help me fill in some of the gaps in our story.

      • stfirmin says:

        Robin an email from Robert in reply which due to technical problems has come via me!

        Many thanks for the contact via the excellent St Firmin’s Thurlby Family heritage web site which is greatly appreciated.

        Having discovered the gravestone of Sarah Sharman-Atyo I conducted some further research via the usual channels of and regret I was not related to that Sarah Sharman. Elsewhere within the churchyard is another grave for Sarah Sharman and her husband Thomas who is my great, great uncle.

        I am always delighted to hear from other Sharman’s and no doubt 7 or 8 generations back we do have some connection.

        My family tree can be found on Ancestry under the name Sharman/Howard
        family tree. If you search for Thomas Sharman b 1804 in Apethorpe
        Northamptonshire you should find me.

        Best Wishes

        Robert Sharman

      • Doug Karmen says:

        Hello Robin. Do you have any additional details on Jessie Ayto? Specifically her children who we think were Zara, Shannon and Mary. We are part of the line of Stanley Coats which would make Jessie my half – aunt and her children, my cousins.

        Please drop me a line directly if you would like more information or if you can provide some details on Jessie and her daughters

        Lesley McGuire

      • Doug Karmen (and others), I’m unable to access my files and other resources at the moment. I’ll have a look at this when I get back next week.

      • I’m home again now, so I can reply properly to Doug Karmen and Lesley McGuire. I have no more details on Jessie Ayto or her family, and they are so far removed from my own family line that I am not minded to chase them. However, to tidy up that paragraph in my Sharman Family History I would like to know Arthur George Ayto’s date of death and place of burial. Maybe I’ll find them one day.

  20. Robert Sharman says:

    Hi Mary My sincere thanks for not only providing the information and images but also for doing it so quickly. You have also helped solve another mystery (where Thomas was buried) as he died in Billinghay where Sarah’s parents lived so I wrongly assumed he was buried there. In 1901 Thomas, Sarah and family were living in Thorney so sometime between 1901 & 1910 he must have moved jobs to Thurlby. Thank you also for details on local Sharman’s I will research further and see if they are related. Best wishes and thanks again Robert

  21. Fred says:

    Hello…I am looking for details of the marriage of John Jackson and wife Ann. I have found the baptisms of their children in St. Firmin’s from 1810 to 1819, and the burials of John and Ann. I believe John was born about 1780, and Ann in 1788 (in Crowland). Thanks, Fred

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Fred
      I am afraid there is no marriage recorded for John Jackson and Ann – perhaps they married in her parish. I have the birth of John, to Zacharia and Alice – July 12 1772 – his father Zacharia from Langtoft married Alice Spriggs Jan 23 1772. Later Zacharia (widow) married Mary Barnet (widow of Rippingale) 26 July 1781. There are baptisms for Johns brothers and sisters and also their children, if you haven’t got them please come back to me.

      • Fred says:

        Hi…Thank you for the information, and the website. So great to be able to connect from here in Canada.

  22. tracy coulson says:

    Hi i recently visited st firmins and it evoked many happy memories of playing in the grounds when i stayed with my paternal grandparents thomas and mavis hempsall who lived on church street grandad sang in the choir and my grandma often did the flowers and i often helped when i was a child, i am trying to trace my maternal grandmother whom i believe is buried in the graveyard but has no headstone her name is cecily elizabeth wilson and she was buried either in 1991 or 1992 also any ward or baker relatives as ward was my mothers maiden name amd baker is my grandmothers maiden name…..hope you can help tracy coulson(nee hempsall)

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Tracy
      I have found your grandmother. The entry says Cecily Elizabeth Wilson, died 25/04/1993 buries 30/04/1993, aged 72. There is a grave reference for the churchyard so will check it out and send a photo of anything I find. With regards to the Baker and Wards I would really need more information as to what you are looking for, names and approx dates and whether birth,marriage or burials. We have multiple references in the indexes to these surnames so would need to refine the searches.

      • Tracy coulson says:

        Thanks that helps a great deal .i am unsure of the rest of the names but will check what I have and get back to you thanks again for your help Tracy

      • tracy coulson says:

        thank you soo much for your help I am wondering if there are any families around the thurlby area that remember my grandparents Thomas and mavis hempsall who lived on church street as they both died when I was young and would be great to share any memories with my children thank you

      • MaryT says:

        Hi Tracy I can think of one or two people who may know them I will make some enquiries

      • Tracy coulson says:

        Thank you soon much we will be hopefully travelling to Bourne to see my father on Monday so will be popping in the Thurlby churchyard to put some flowers on my grandparents graves it would be great to visit the church too if it is open x

      • MaryT says:

        Hi Tracy
        I should be around in the morning, ring me the mobile number you will find in the porch when you get to the church and I will come and open up for you. I tried to email you privately but the address is blocked.
        I haven’t had any luck at the moment with someone who knew Thomas and Mavis.

      • tracy coulson says:

        hi i am currently searching for private arthur edwin Ward born 1918, married 1940 in bourne and died 1982 also his daughter rose m ward born 1960 beleive to have died in the 1970s many thanks tracy

      • MaryT says:

        Hi Tracy
        I am sorry but I cannot find any records for Edwin or Rose. Have you tried the Bourne Family History Society it sounds as if you might need records for Bourne rather than Thurlby.

  23. Ann & David Tasker says:

    A friend contacted me recently to say she had visited the church ref WW1 exhibit and noticed
    the name of TASKER. Did we have any relatives in the area. Have researched our family tree
    but not sure so wondered if you could enlighten me as to the person named in your records.
    Many thanks
    Ann Tasker

  24. Isobell King says:

    Hello,I have been researching my late husbands family,his g-granfather was Henry King who was born in England (do not know where) about 1830 and died in Quebec,Canada 1902.
    I have been researching all Henry King born in England at that time,I found something interesting and confusing,in the 1841 Census of Hacconby,there is the family of George King a tailor he has a 7month old Henry but there is a 9year old Henry with an Elizabeth Sneath, the 1841 Census does not indicate who the 9year old is to George King ( his nephew perhaps ) Also the 9year old does no appear in 1851 Census,which would fit with my Henry who appears in the 1851 Census of Quebec,Canada.
    Any idea’s would be greatly appreciated.


    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Isobell
      I have looked at our records and found the following with regard to a Henry born C 1830 I am not sure whether this ties up to your family
      In Dec 1804 Thomas King married Sarah Freeman
      Sara died in 1824 aged 46
      Thomas remarried Sept 13 1824 to Francis Scotney
      Baptism Jan 31st 1830 of Joseph
      Baptism Sept 13 1832 of Edward
      of Henry the brother born in 1835 (as per the 1851 census)there is no record.
      The records stop 1833 for King Baptisms and don’t start again until 1854.
      There is no record of Burial for Thomas or Francis around that time – thought this might be a reason they had moved away.
      I hope this may help

      • Janet Hopewell says:

        Thanks for the above information Joseph was my GG Grandad. Any details about the Scotneys would be great as this has opened a new section in my family tree.
        Joseph ,s daughter Emily died in childbirth and Joseph raised my grandmother Ethel and her siblings. Many thanks

      • MaryT says:

        Hi Janet
        I have looked at Frances and her ancestors. There are a lot of Scotney descendants from brothers and sisters- how much info are you looking for?

        Frances Scotney, daughter of William Scotney and Ann Sandall, was born in 1796. She married
        Thomas King on 13 Sep 1824 in St Firmins Church Thurlby. She had a daughter Aug 25 1816
        when still single
        Her parents -William Scotney was born in 1755. He died in 1837. He married Ann Sandall of Bourne on 11 Oct 1781 in
        Thurlby. Ann Sandall was born in 1760. She died in 1823.
        Notes for William Scotney:1788 and 1790 Baptism register he said to be pauper
        Brothers and sisters to Frances –
        Elizabeth was born in Dec 1784 in Thurlby, Lincolnshire, England.
        John Scotney was born in May 1786.
        William Scotney was born in Jan 1788. He married Elizabeth Lamming on 13 May
        Ann Scotney was born in 1790. She died in 1796.
        Mary Scotney was born in 1792. She died in 1796.
        Sarah Scotney was born in 1793. She married John Musson on 04 Mar 1822 in St
        Firmins Church Thurlby

      • Isobell King says:

        Hi stirrman

        The King Family I am looking for:
        George King 30 tailor
        Louisa King 30
        George 10
        Louisa 8
        John 5
        William 3
        Henry 7mo.
        Henry 9
        Elizabeth Sneath 50

        I am looking for the 9 year old Henry,I beleive he is the Henry in 1851-52 Census of Canada.
        The George and Louisa King immigrated to New York U.S.A
        The U.S Family have Elizabeth 50 was the mother of Louisa (Sneath) King
        they also beleive William was the father of George. I have another in the Family who beleive Williams wife was Hannah who died in 1839.
        The census of 1841 was taken in Hacconby Lincolnshire.
        The census does not indicate the relationship of persons listed to the Head of House.
        I am wondering if Henry age 9 was the nephew of George or could he have been George’s brother.

        This is a brick wall for me.

        Thank-you for the attention you have shown.


  25. Isobell King says:

    Hello,Thank you for your reply,could it be Thomas had a brother named George. George King is in the 1841 Census with his family,he also has a son named Henry who is 7 months old.This family immigrated to the U.S sometime in 1860’s or 70’s,George and Lousia are Burried in New York,as are the rest of this family,they are the family Henry b.1830 is with Elizabeth Sneath 52 yrs. old and Henry 9yrs old,Could Elizabeth be his grandmother and what relationship was she to Louisa who the NY.Family have as Louisa (Sneath) King. The 1841 Census dosen’t give a relationship to the head of house.Our Henry in Quebec,has a son Henry b.1859,William b.1860,a daughter Louisa b.1864 died at birth,a daughter Anne Elizabeth b. 1868.

    • Janet Hopewell says:

      Henry King born to Thomas and Francis was the brother of my GG granddad Joseph.
      I have found Henry on the 1881 and 91 census as living in Shipley Yorkshire. Before that they were in Thurlby. You might want to check this , hope it is helpful for you.

  26. Janet Hopewell says:

    The above info is great, thank you so much I.ll go and add it to my family tree.
    Thanks again

  27. S J Mcgee says:

    THOMAS FRANCIS, THURLBY. (1695-1730). I believe that Thomas was my 6th Great Grandfather on my maternal side (Mawby). He married Elizabeth Dove (1710-?) Parents were John Francis & Ann(?). If any one has any information, no matter how small, please get in touch! I live not a million miles away. Thank you, Susan.

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Susan
      I have had a look at our records – there are a lot of the Francis family dating from the late 1500’s.
      I have found the marriage of Thomas Francis and Elizabeth Dove 13 Oct 1730.
      I have found the baptism of Thomas to John Francis and Ann , 2 Dec 1695.
      Other children to Thomas and Ann were
      Ann baptised 5 April 1692 – buried 26 May 1692
      John baptised 28 May 1693 buried 9 July 1693
      Jane baptised 14 Nov 1694
      John baptised 5 Nov 1697
      Ann baptised 23 April 1699
      Mary baptised 20 Feb 1699/00 (double year)
      Unfortunately I cannot find a marriage for John and Ann.
      If you wish to visit sometime and look at the records we hold and see if there are more connections please do get in touch.
      Hope this helps

    • Jane says:

      I am also descended from Mawby and Francis family. My 5x great grandparents were John Mawby and Charlotte Francis ofMarket Deeping. Please get in touch.

      • MaryT says:

        Jane if you would like to get in touch with Susan and she is agreeable I will exchange the email addresses for you off site.

  28. Joyce Koshinski says:

    I have Snart ancestors in your area. William Snart b. 1785, Ann Snart b. 1821 Is there any information you can find?

    • MaryT says:

      Hello Joyce
      We have many records of Snarts in the village, they cover baptisms 1638-1799, marriages 1564-1807 and burials 1648-1840.
      I have found your William he was baptised Jan 31 1785, his parents were John (1) and Elizabeth. I could find no brothers or sisters. John (1) married Eliziabeth Hill (widow) June 29 1784
      John (1) was baptised Feb 13 1760, his father, yet another John (2), he married Mary Leaper of Uffington Dec 27 1750.
      John (2) was baptised Oct 4 1734, his parents were John and Alice, John (3) married Alice Harvey July 13 1732. There the trail seems to end for Williams ancestors.
      I cannot find any record of Ann.

    • Tim Snart says:

      Your william is my 3X great Grandfather. I believe that the Ann you are referring to is your William’s daughter. She grew up in the area of her birth and then Married Francis Key. They had two children, Mary Ann, and Emma. They moved to the United States in about 1851 and settled in the area of Arcola, Illinois. Unfortunately Ann died quite young in 1861 at the age of about 40. She is buried at a little known cemetery in that area. I have a picture of her grave. Ann moved to the U.S. with two of her brothers, Edward and Allen. I have more Information about Ann’s descendants if you are Interested. Feel free to contact me.

  29. Joyce Koshinski says:

    I am so grateful for taking your time to check this out. But as usual with my research, I end up with more questions with every fact that I learn. My John (2) by my unsourced records was born in Mar. 1728. By your information he would have been baptized at the age of 6 which seems unlikely. Therefore I assume I have a wrong birthdate. Do you have any records on a Richard Snart who m.
    Ann Lilly in 1726. Again in my unsourced records, I had Richard as John (2) father which is obviously wrong. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

  30. MaryT says:

    Josie Shankland commented on INKLEY

    The Inkley Family See The men who didn’t return -WW1 tab for the story of George Inkley brother of Arthur Wade …

    After reading your story I’m wondering if my family is connected in some way to yours. I have a 2x great grandfather named Inkley White, cannot seem to find his baptism anywhere but he was born around 1804 at Northorpe, near Thurlby. The name Inkley is used several times as a middle name since then. I think that somewhere previous to Inkley being born that an Inkley and White family married. Have you heard of anything like that happening in the Inkley family?

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Josie
      I have looked in the registers for an Inkley /White marriage and a White baptism but unfortunately have been unable to find either in St Firmin’s registers.

  31. Marianne Last says:

    Hello. I’m descended from the Sandall family of Thurlby but am currently working on a family tree for a friend and am amazed to discover that her great great uncle John Shipley Pettifor from Anstey, Leicestershire, was vicar of St. Firmin’s. He appears there on the 1901 and 1911 censuses but died in 1828 in Wroxton, Oxfordshire. I wonder if you have any further information about his time in Thurlby.
    Thank you.
    Marianne Last

  32. Marianne Last says:

    for 1828 please read 1928!

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Marianne
      I have posted several photos in the Gallery of both Rev and Mrs Pettifor, the choir also has D Pettifor (the spelling changes between fer and for) We have no information specific to the Rev Pettifor But I found the following text in the book Thurlby an Ordinary Village – Compiled by Marjorie Noble. A church Sunday School treat held on 28th June 1916 is described in (STA) of 7.7.16. “A short service was held in church, after which the children adjourned to the Vicarage paddock for games, sports, and swings. The teachers had tea at the Vicarage and subsequently the scholars, numbering 60, sat down to the good things provided for them in the National school¬room. After tea they returned to the field for more games, sports and swings. During the evening a plentiful supply of nuts, sweets and biscuits was scrambled for. Before the party broke up ringing cheers were given for the Vicar and Mrs Pettifor and the teachers.”. The Grantham Journal reported on the village of Thurlby often – you may find something there also the Lincolnshire Archives have the records of St Firmin’s Church including Parish Chest items. Good hunting – I would be very grateful if you could pass back any information relating to the Pettifors and Thurlby. Mary

    • Peter W says:

      Hi, The Lincolnshire Echo dated 21 May 1894 says that John Shipley Pettifor was ordained at Lincoln Cathedral.

  33. Marianne Last says:

    Thank you very much

  34. Pat McCutcheon says:

    I was looking for my fathers relatives, he was Bernard Vickers born in 1926, he lived in Church Street with his brothers and his father died when he was 6 years old, his grand parents were Jon Thomas and Rebecca Vickers. Any help would be grateful

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Pat
      I have found Jon Thomas and Rebecca Vickers, I have not got the marriage but have baptism’s for the following childeren they had, Lilian Mary bapt. 1895, Annie Rebekah bapt.1900, John Thomas also bapt. 1900 and Wilfred baptised 1905. (I have posted a picture of Wilfred in the gallery
      There is a burial for Rebecca Vickers of 1 Church Street 26 march 1954 (age 85).
      The only Vickers baptism I have for 1926 is Albert Born Jan 9th to Claude and Ethel Mary Vickers.
      There are a lot of entries for the Vickers family, if you are local you are very welcome to come and have a look at the transcripts just contact me first.

  35. Pat McCutcheon says:

    thanks for your help am local and would love to come and look at the transcripts, how do I contact you about this, now am more interested.

  36. David Vickers says:

    Hello, I have traced several generations of the Vickers (Vicarse, Vikers, Viccars) family back to Thurlby. I am back about 13 generations to John 26/5/1576 and his father I think is Chrystofer Vicers Married Jonne Dannbee 8/5/1575. Is there any way to check this and to go back to get more info on Chrystofer? Thanks if anyone can help me.
    David Vickers.

    • MaryT says:

      Hi David
      Our transcripts of records start in 1560 so unfortunately do not go back far enough for the birth of Chrystofer. I have found John and Chrystofer’s marriage at the dates that you have given. The marriage record in the transcript is Chpr Vickers and Joan Danby, different spellings but I am sure records of that date the originals must have been difficult to read.

  37. David Vickers says:

    Thanks Mary, I am just so pleased I have got back as far as this. If we assume Christopher was born in about 1550-1559 at least I have got back to Edward VI, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I. All in all a total of 14 generations. From farm labourer to Dr of Management Learning! Not bad for 400 years!

  38. Pat says:

    Hi David not sure if you can see this or will respond to this but am also tracing Vickers from Thurlby and wonder if we have some common relatives

  39. David Vickers says:

    Hi Pat yes I have seen your post. My relatives are for about 4 generations or so in Thurlby and then they move to Kirkby La Thorpe and Fulbeck and finally to Leverton before a massive leap to Salford in the Industrial Revolution.

  40. Pat says:

    I have just started sorting this since my father past last year, so far have got back to my fathers grandfather in 1960’s and wondered if he is related to your his name was John Thomas, and if he was would love any help you can give

  41. Geoff Burns says:

    I am writing from NZ
    We are bringing a family group to the UK in May 2016 ..we have researched ( at headline level) and discovered that Henry Boyer ( b Thurlby by Bourne ,1688 is all we have) through to Henry Boyer ( b 9/5/1790, and died Downham Market ) had family connections thru several generations on my fathers side in or around Thurlby.
    Can you enlighten us with any other background ?.
    We would definitely like to visit in early May
    Kind regards and thanks
    Geoff Burns

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Geoff
      I have looked at our records and we don’t have a Henry Boyer in 1688 – our records for Boyer baptisms start in 1712 and go through to 1843, the marriages start 1711 through to 1779.I have looked at different spelling and had no luck. Where did your date come from? We have a Hy (Henry or Harry?) baptised June 7 1712 son of John and Mary ( who were married Sept 14 1711).
      There are lots of brothers and sisters to Hy (Henry or Harry?) Unless this is your ancestor I am afraid I can’t help any further.

      • Geoff Burns says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply Mary
        I would say there is a link..we have John and Henry Boyers before and after, noting Thurlby as birth places.
        Is there any detail online we can sift through more to save you having to do it with hard copy ?

      • Peter Wade says:

        Hi Mary,
        Ancestry has the following info that seems to fit with the later Henry:

        Name: Henry Boyer
        Gender: Male
        Birth Date: 9 May 1790
        Christening Date: 16 May 1790
        Christening Place: Thurlby By Bourne, Lincs, England
        Death Date: Jul 1865
        Death Place: Downham, Market, Norfolk, England
        Marriage Date: 7 Jul 1812
        Marriage Place: Denver, Norfolk, England
        Father: William Boyer
        Mother: Mary Harrison
        Spouse: Mary Taylor

        I wonder if there is any link with the above and John Boyer who is listed on this site in 1842 as a shopkeeper in Thurlby (via Whites directory)?

        Regard Pete

      • MaryT says:

        Thanks for that Peter , I have drawn Geoffs attention to this – I will have a look in to it when I get a chance.

  42. David Vickers says:

    Hi Pat, my line moved to Salford, Lancashire in 1880’s/90’s so by the 1960’s I was born in Manchester. The Lincolnshire link starts with my Great granddad who was born in 1873 in Leverton and then the family appear to move around the short distances from Thurlby to Kirkby La Thorp to Leverton until the big leap to Lancashire and the Iron Foundry. If we are related it may be distantly. My Grandad had a brother born in Salford called John but he was John Frederick and died in WW2.
    I have used which is free to search and it got me most of the way back.

  43. Pat says:

    Thanks for you help and will go and use the site good luck if you get any further back

  44. Cherie says:

    Hi, i was wondering whether you had a record of the marriage between Mary Andrew and George Allen Bungate in 1866. Im trying to work out who Mary’s father is?

  45. kathryn paterson says:

    Hello administrators
    Just stumbled across your wonderful website and resource for family historians. Would be ever so grateful if you could help me out with Spriggs/Jackson families. The children of Zacariah Jackson and Alice Spriggs that I know about are John (1772) and William (1775). Do you know of any other children from the marriage? I see from an earlier inquiry that Zachariah remarried after Alice’s death. Do you have details of that marriage and any subsequent children? Really, anything you have would be of tremendous help. Do you know what the Jackson or Spriggs familes did for employment? I know that later on the Jacksons were blacksmiths
    Again, very grateful for any help

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Kathryn
      Please find below the information I have found regarding your family. We have quite a lot of Jacksons but I cannot see a connection
      there may be more information at the archives in the Langtoft records as that is where he came from. Hope this helps.
      1749 April 11 SPRIGGS – Sarah and Alice dau. of William and Sarah
      (William was buried 1764 Feb 12 (farmer)
      Sarah (widow) remarried in 1765 April 16 to Joseph Ellsey a carpenter)
      Jan 23 1772 Zechariah JACKSON of Langtoft to Alice SPRIGGS
      1772 July 12 JACKSON John son of Zach and Alice
      1774 Jul 3 JACKSON Sarah dau. of Zach and Alice – (Alice married Edward Teat 1806 Feb 3)
      1777 Nov 6 JACKSON Zach son of Zach and Alice
      1775 Nov 9 JACKSON William son of Zach and Alice
      1777 Nov 8 JACKSON– Zach son of Zach and Alice
      1777 Nov 24 JACKSON- Alice wife of Zachariah
      1781 July 26 JACKSON Zachariah (widow) to Mary Barnet (widow of Rippingale)
      1794 April 8 JACKSON – Mary (57) wife of Zachariah
      1807 Oct 12 JACKSON – Zachariah

  46. kathryn paterson says:

    Hi Mary
    Wow – what service! Thank you so much. As someone who works with community websites I can appreciate the hours of effort and dedication you must put in. Do you require any donations to help keep the site going?
    Best wishes

    • MaryT says:

      Your very welcome Kathryn -as a family historian myself I really enjoy delving into the records. There are no costs involved with the site, I do it as a hobby but if anyone wishes to make a donation to St Firmin’s Church, where the records originate from, it is always welcome. Link to the church- where I am the churchwarden- from this site.

  47. Ruth hinton says:

    Hi Judith,
    Joseph Watsons Father I have as Benjamin Watson, Mother Elizabeth Story, Spalding Lincolnshire, born 1774
    Ann Cherry, Father William Cherry born 1769 South Weston , Oxon, Marriage 18.10.1800, St Ebbes, Oxford, Death 23.2.1826,Wheatfield, Oxon.
    Mother Margaret Chapman, Thame, Oxon. Baptism 29.1.1778
    Grandfather John Cherry, South Weston , born 1740, Death 1775, Marriage 11.10.1768
    Grandmother Anne White, born 1740, Death 1800 south weston
    I have a picture of Benjamin Watson Son of Joseph Watson 1804 and his family if you would like a copy.
    I would also be interested if you have any old photos
    Regards Ruth

  48. Judith Watson says:

    Thank you very much for replying Ruth. Your information has given us a lot to work on.we went to Wheatfield to have a look at the deserted village and church (the only church I know of surrounded by an electric fence!). Yesterday we called in at Scotter, another village of interest, this time in Lincolnshire. Sadly we do not have any photos of ancestors other than my husband’s father! Your copy of a photo would be much appreciated if it isn’t too much bother to send it by computer (you can possibly tell, I am computer iliiterate!)
    Good luck if you have more searching to do
    Best wishes

  49. Ruth hinton says:

    Glad it helped, if you let me have a email address I will send you the picture

  50. Albert a says:

    Hi foundad your interesting site tonight I have visited the village twice to try and trace information of my grand father’ and his family. I did meet a couple of relations in Northorpe. I would be more than willing to exchange information of the Ellis family John Edward and Elisabeth my great grand parents. This would be of great interest to me.
    Many thanks
    George Treacher

  51. Felicity Smart says:

    Hi. I found Richard Lambley on the 1851 census. He was married to Mary and had a few children including a daughter Rebecca in 1795. In 1818 Rebecca had a baby girl out of wedlock. Her name was
    Lydia. In 1840 or thereabouts
    Lydia married Sam Smart of Greatford and they had a son John in 1843. They emigrated to South Australia in 1848. John married In SA and had 13 children. One of his sons had four children of whom my father was one.
    Two questions, are there any Lambleys in the area today?
    May I have a contact for whoever is researching the name Andrew? Rebecca married Robert Andrew in Stamford in 1820 and they had at least 4 children there. Rebecca is buried at Baston and I’ve always wondered if the Andrew family know about Lydia. My name is Felicity Smart and I now live in Tasmania. I visited St Firmins in 2013.

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Felicity
      I have found the marriage entry for Samuel and Lydia October 10 1842 both were given as from Thurlby. We have entries for Lambley/Lambly/Lamley baptisms between 1770 and 1842, four marriages 1690/1789/1822/1842 (as above) Burials in 1781/1802/1803/1855 but nothing at all after these dates.
      I can’t find the person referencing Andrew family if you could point me to it it would help. I would contact them and ask permission before passing any details on.
      kind regards

  52. James says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is still active but I saw the wonderful research and help you had done above and thought it was worth a shot.

    I’m a Snart currently researching the family tree but have hit a bit of a roadblock. We have the tree stretching back to Thomas Snart who we believe married Annis Hill roughly around Mar 1813. Unfortunately we can’t seem to track down Thomas’s parents. We do know that Thomas and Annis had 4 children (John, Thomas, Mary and John) between 1814 and 1818.

    Many Thanks

    • MaryT says:

      Hi James I am afraid I cannot find your Thomas. The only Thomas I have was baptised 1798 to Thomas and Pell, but that would make him to young to be married in 1813. We have a lot of Snarts pre 1799 for baptisms, pre 1807 for marriages and pre 1840 for burials so it looks as if they moved away from Thurlby.

      • james says:

        Hi Mary

        Ahh that’s a shame, thank you very much for taking the time to look, it is greatly appreciated.


    • Tim Snart says:

      Hi James.
      I am a Snart too. Good to see another researc
      hing our family.

  53. Carole Barkes says:

    My husband and I visited your well kept Church Yard to day looking for the graves of Robert Henry Cooke and Sybil Rebecca Cooke nee Simson and were very excited to stumble across them, also of their Son Nigel Robert Cooke. Sybil was my Mothers Sister, they lived in Spalding and my Mother was a WAAF in WW2. I would love to hear from anyone who perhaps knew any of them. Bob and Sybil Cooke owned Thurlby Grange in the 60s and 70s
    with Thanks
    Carole Barkes

  54. John Marshall says:


    Through Ancestry I have identified some 37 Simpson/Sympson/Simson births in Thurlby, one of whom was my great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Simpson (born 1807). Her parents were John and Charlotte (nee Phillips) Simpson. John’s parents were probably Richard and Mary (nee Rows) Sympson, although he could have been the John born to John and Frances Sympson five years earlier in 1774. Either way, his grandparents would have been Edward and Elizabeth Sympson. With only the information I have, I am unable to make connections further back, although the surname appears to go back to the beginning of baptism records in Thurlby. Unfortunately, records of burials are not available online so I can’t establish which of these individuals survived into adulthood.

    Mary Ann was the first of five children born to John and Charlotte in Thurlby. The remaining five were born in Kirkby Underwood where Mary Ann eventually married William Marshall. Incidentally, Mary Ann’s baptism record shows her mother as ‘Catharine’ but that must be an error.

    I’d love to consult the records you hold, but my main question is: Are there any Simpson headstones in your churchyard? Although I have visited Lincolnshire regularly, I have never paid a visit to Thurlby, something that your wonderful website shows is clearly a serious omission!

    John Marshall

  55. Christopher Heppenstall says:

    I am researching my family and wonder if this is the correct Thurby I need to be looking at? The following marriage record I have is as follows:

    First name(s) JAMES
    Last name HEPPINSTALL
    Marriage year 1799
    Place THURLBY
    Groom’s first name(s) James
    Groom’s last name HEPPINSTALL
    Groom’s age 21
    Groom’s parish From elsewhere
    Bride’s first name(s) Catherine
    Bride’s last name CORBETT
    Bride’s age 21
    Bride’s marital condition Widowed
    Bride’s parish Of the parish
    Diocese Lincoln
    County Lincolnshire
    Country England

    Reference D&C DVJ/12/213&214
    Record set Lincolnshire Marriage Licence Bonds and Allegations

    I hope someone can confirm/verify?

    • MaryT says:

      Good afternoon Christopher I am sorry we have no record for either surname. There are three Thurlby’s in Lincolnshire so I assume it must be one of the other ones.
      Regards, Mary

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